Effects Of Obesity On Children Health

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Effects of Obesity on Children Health Obesity is a serious medical and psychological condition that affects children, adult, and elderly people. According to WHO, People who are above the normal weight for their age and height are called obese. Childhood obesity has been problem in developed as well as in developing countries. As Cause, it is accepted that increase in obesity results from an imbalance between abnormal intake of unhealthy food and drink and also unable to burn calorie. There is increasing evidence indicating that an individual genetic back ground is important in determining obesity risk. Childhood obesity can have medical, physical and psychological effects. The medical effects in childhood obesity includes: type 2 …show more content…

Also, like adults, developing these conditions in childhood increases the risk for developing coronary heart disease (Thomas 2006.) Furthermore, the main risk factor for heart disease in adults is being overweight or obese in childhood. When the children develops high cholesterol level in their blood system, it will block the blood circulation and cause heart attack. Besides the physical effects, there may be psychological effects of childhood obesity. In one study, severely obese children recorded their quality of life with scores as low as children undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Health-related quality of life includes physical, mental, and social well-being (Chapman 1993). Some research have shown that obese children have lower self-esteem and confidence while others do not. Social discrimination and low self-esteem were two areas that seemed to be most affected in this study. This may have been, in part, due to physical limitations, feeling isolated or lonely, and/or teasing from peers, which is common in adolescents who are obese. Interestingly, parents answered the same questionnaires, and their ratings of their children well-being were even lower than the children self-ratings (Patrick 2005). There is some consensus in the literature that the global approach to self-esteem measurement with children who are overweight/ obese is misleading. Overweight and obesity are increasing health problems that are not restricted to adults only Childhood obesity

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