Effects Of Prescription Drugs On The Brain

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There are many types of major drugs in use today and on the top of the list is prescription drugs. According to Drug and Society vicodin is the most misused prescribed narcotic in the United States (Glen R. Hanson, March 5, 2014). They say in 2011 was one of the prescription and most often used by teenagers (Glen R. Hanson, March 5, 2014). Vicodin associated with hydrocodone and acetaminophen it is in a class of drugs called narcotic analgesics a schedule II drug. It is used to relieve pain. It is important to study drugs in our society because of scientific developments, we now know more about how prescription drugs effect on the brain. Furthermore we know that drug addiction can be effectively treated to aid people stop misusing drugs and lead happy lives.
Vicodin was produced in the 1920’s by German pharmaceutical company. Vicodin was created by attaching a hydrogen atom to codeine molecules. When vicodin was first released, the maker believed that this procedure would make the codeine easier on the stomach and less poisonous to the consumer. According to Pernille H. Hemmingsen was used mostly as cough treatment and for moderate post-operative pain reliever (Hemmingsen, Mar 2011). Hemmingsen says vicodin is also used for chronic pain in, among others, cancer, persistent pain such as osteoarthritis and lower back pain (Hemmingsen, Mar 2011). They say that vicodin is present in more than two hundred different products in the United States (Hemmingsen, Mar 2011).
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