Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Let me guess you probably checked Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat in the last five minutes. Nowadays it seems like all we do is go on social media, considering that it has been on the rise for the last decade. On average a teenager is an electronic device for more than three hours a day. (Curtis, Sweeny). What we do on a day to day basis is determined by how much time we spend on those sites. Since we spend so much time on social media, can it have a negative effect on teenagers? Is social media dangerous or are there benefits to it? Just how social media is on the rise so are these questions, which have researchers wondering on the effects of social media as teens continue to let it control the way they spending their time. (Goff). I still remember the days when I would get home from school, and throw my backpack on the couch, and run out of the house to go play outside with all my friends. Playing with my friends was always what I waited for to do at the end of the day. But it seems that now all kids want to do when they get home is going to electronic devices, I never see any kids playing around the neighborhood anymore because they're all inside. According to the article “Is Social Networking Dangerous for Teenagers?” by Jenna Sweeny and Caroline Curtis, “People are choosing to stay in and stay online versus going out and being social and doing anything physical.” Is social media make us less social? There is a high chance that social media is affecting our social

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