Effects Of Soy And Other Foods On Serum Testosterone Levels

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To: Prof. H. Mannucci From: Luke Lehman Subject: Individual Research Report Date: 28 July 2014 Effects of Soy and other foods on Serum Testosterone Levels: an Analysis Purpose The purpose of this report is to provide an introduction to androgens and their biological effects in humans, and an analysis of the current peer-reviewed scientific literature concerning the effects of soy and other foods on serum testosterone levels, with the specific intent to ascertain whether the long-standing myth that soy products lower testosterone levels in men is in any way valid, and if so, to what extent. Furthermore, if there is a scientifically and clinically shown relationship between ingestion of soy products and augmentation in serum…show more content…
Maintaining a healthy level of this hormone is vital for many aspects of men’s health, especially as life expectancies continue to rise (there is a documented phenomenon colloquially referred to as “manopause”, in which levels of testosterone drastically decrease around age 35-40, increasing the likelihood of developing one of the myriad of negative health effects associated with decreased levels of androgens). As such, there has been a great deal of discussion, both academic and otherwise, concerning the effects of many different environmental factors on levels of testosterone in men. One “hot topic” of particularly intense debate in the fitness community is the effect of soy products on serum testosterone levels (the level of testosterone in the bloodstream, which can be easily tested—as opposed to tissue-bound testosterone). Many claim that ingestion of any product containing soy will decrease the level of measurable testosterone in the bloodstream, and there have been some blinded scientific studies (1, 2) that seem to show this effect. Perhaps adding to the widespread fear of these products are a number of anecdotes circulating around the internet telling of men who have developed feminine secondary sex characteristics such as raised voice, lessened facial
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