Effects Of Stereotypes On Latina And Black Women

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The effect of stereotypes on Latina and Black women

Stereotypes have been around for a long time affecting the way people are treated. Many people confuse stereotypes with being prejudice but they are two completely different things. Today most stereotypes you hear are targeted to Black and Latina women. These stereotypes affect them in a negative way. There are multiple studies that show the way stereotypes affect the victim in various scenarios
The way stereotypes started is not clearly known but an explanation for why they are used deals with research in cognitive psychology on the categorization process. Stereotypes are used as a way to be able to categorize people. They categorize a group of people into a group by social …show more content…

Just like there are stereotypes targeting Latinas there are also stereotypes towards Black women. There are also good and bad but just because they are “good” does not mean that they affect Black women in a positive way. Sometimes women end up changing who they are to fit these “good” stereotypes. There are three major perspectives on stereotypes: Psychodynamic perspective, sociocultural perspectives and Cognitive perspectives. Psychodynamic perspective argues that stereotypes serve intra-psychic needs - protect self against anxiety (ego defense mechanisms); self-esteem benefits to viewing outgroup negatively. If stereotypes are to change, alternatives must be supplied for protecting against anxiety. Sociocultural argues that stereotypes are made by society and that for stereotypes to change new stereotypes need to be made. Cognitive Perspectives suggest that categorization is fundamental - simplifies, organizes, allows predictability. Stereotypes guide information processing to produce a bias that maintains the status quo. Attend to, notice stereotype-consistent information, make stereotype-consistent inferences, and recall stereotype-consistent information better, and so on. Incidental affect is affect generated prior to and independent of the intergroup context. Its effects depend on its informational value cognitive

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