Effects Of Stereotyping In Business

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Stereotyping in a business can be two things: 1. Stereotyping in the business. 2. Stereotyping the customers who buying the product you’re selling. For example: Nike is a shoe companies that make 30 billion in revenue, now with that money they try to add Basketball, Soccer, and Football players to make signatures shoes for that player. That’s fine, but some customer might cannot afforded them particular shoes of their favorite player. Like Cristiano Ronaldo Nike cleats or the CR7. A customer love him as a person and or a player wants to be like him so what better way than to wear his shoes right? The shoes cost $325 to $100 dollars. Now if we look at this we don’t even look at the 325 dollars because that is way too high for some soccer cleats, but other people will disagree plus the cleats already sold out.…show more content…
The company is stereotyping the customer, because the company is basically saying to the customer if you can’t afford them at our price the sorry go somewhere else. Because the company have a mindset of “Hey, look we already made our decision and it that.” But is it right? And say if an women employee brings this up in a meeting with the boarred and say “I think the company can get even more sales and revenue if we lower the prices on Cristiano Ronaldo cleats if we bring the price down 30% to 50%. So a child with no money can affords these cleats” and the bored says no. You don’t even have kids so why it matters to you. You are stereotyping the employee because she doesn’t has any
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