Effects Of Street Children Essay

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Street children in Dhaka city lead a very miserable life. Many children in bangladresh separated from their families often forced to choice street life and find the world as discriminating and hostile to them. Dhaka city’s street children lack the basic rights to food, cloth, education, treatment and protection. The street children do not go to school because they doto sell things in the streets or do other jobs as their parents earn that much of money or do not work at all. In the of these basic needs, mere survival of the child becomes impossible and they grow up as unwanted members of the society. Because they are neglected by people they continue to suffer these children grow as child labor, beggars and pick-picketers,
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With the difficulty of quantifying the phenomenon. These children lead an unhealthy and sometimes dangerous life that leaves them deprived of their basic needs for protection, guidance, and supervision and exposes them to different forms of exploitation and abuse. For many, living and surviving on the street means begging and sexual exploitation by adults. In my research paper I will try to figure out what are the problem the street children are facing and what are the potentials that we have can lead us to help and protect them to improve their situations. It is unfortunate that although the problem of street children is acknowledged but we don’t know how to deal with the problems.in my research paper we will focus on that.

Research Question
Research Question : In m research paper I plan to investigate the fate of the street children on people. My research will address following research questions.
• What is the living characteristics of street children?
• What is the livelihood characteristics of the street children?
• What are the risks the street children are facing ?
• What are the best solutions for the sufferings of street children ?
• How people can help street children without giving money?
• Are government taking any incentives for them
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