Effects Of Stress On Children Suffering Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Section B:
1. Considering the trauma Tony had faced at 8 years old and especially taking into consideration the injuries of his family that occurred from their house burning down we can relate it to the difficulties Tony is now facing. Of this incident, Tony can no longer remain on his own, as he tends to be irritable and hyperactive as well as experiencing difficulty during the night as it often contains frightening nightmares of being trapped. Therefore, this has the result to Tony refusing to sleep on his own he must be accompanied by both parents. However, based on these emotional difficulties Tony has been experiencing he is experiencing a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In reference to his terrifying nightmares of feeling …show more content…

In regards, of Tony’s emotional difficulty in terms of suffering from PTSD this can contribute to further emotional or psychiatric difficulties. Firstly, this can result of one to also experience a generalized anxiety which relies on a heavy concern of worrying of events and activities which could trigger for Tony as he already can not tolerate being alone. Next, can also contribute to separation anxiety, which tends to describe youths who suffer from a significant amount of anxiety when separating from a parent as noticed in Tony’s circumstance he can’t sleep without both parents being present. Also, another factor could result of panic which consist of a sense of fear or terror (Wicks-Nelson & Israel, 2013). In association to Tony, we already witness horrifying nightmares about being trapped. However, depression is often as well an associated symptom, which consist of a person undergoing a very dark moment conflicting ones ability of functioning which can be highly reflected upon Tony as he has been referred to as not doing well. Lastly, ADHD is also a concern that consist of one who to have difficulty sustaining focus, and leading one to be fidgety where this has been apparent in Tony as he has been

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