Tony's Dreams in The Sopranos Essay

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Tony's Dreams in The Sopranos


Television has always tried to provide a true representation of the human condition. This is evident in the emergence of reality shows, shows based on true stories, and very realistic fiction. The sopranos is one of the few fictional shows that faithfully simulate the situations it tries to recreate. The sopranos is a show on HBO about Tony Soprano and his life in the mob. The show, created by David chase, shows immense Freudian influence in many scenes involving psychotherapy, Freudian theories, symbolism and dreams. David chase himself studied psychology in collage and admits it’s influence on the show. This report will deal with a series of dreams Tony soprano experiences in one episode of the
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The episode starts with an argument between Tony and his mom. He gives her some airline tickets to shut her up and leaves. He then goes out to an Indian restaurant with his crime family and gets sick. When he gets home he has some bizarre dreams caused by food poising, which also causes vomiting and diarrhea. First Dream
Tony’s first dream starts off with him walking on the bird walk of a New Jersey beach. It’s the middle of June and it’s snowing. Birds are flying around making noise. Tony then approaches his group of friends. He talks to a man he killed a year ago and discusses his disease. He thanks the man for a coat that his brother got him in real life, and he confirms he is dead. Tony is set to die September 5th of some disease but he decides to burn himself instead of waiting. The camera shows shots of Big Puss and he later disappears, Tony then asks “where’s Puss”. A squeaky sound is present in the background, it sounds like people jumping in a bed or the opening of a door. The group is waiting for a unknown person who doesn’t show up. Then Tony decides to burn himself. While he is holding the match, Christopher asks “What if the doctors are wrong” Tony explodes and Tony wakes up sick.

This dream sequence is full of symbolism and metaphors. The setting for the dream takes place in a beach full of animal noises and signs. The birds present on the beach can be seeing as a reference to the birds which lived in his backyard in season one. Back

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