Effects Of The Drought For Economic Reason, Health Concerns, And The Destruction Of Land On The Citizens

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When warmer temperatures rise, more water will evaporate from oceans, and other bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, and rivers, as well as the soil. It makes for drier land in that region. California has continuous issues with warmer temperatures and dryer land which has brought many ongoing problems. David Zilberman, David Sunding, Richard Howitt, Ariel Dinar, and Neal Macdougall stated that, “California’s water system relies on a sophisticated network of water reservoirs and aqueduct” (Zilberman, Sunding, Howitt, Dinar, and Macdougall 2). There should be restrictions on water use in California to minimize the effects of the drought for economic reasons, health concerns, and the destruction of land on the citizens. California has used so much money for new plans and new routes to find water. They have created new plans to continue bringing water to the citizens and their land. Jessica Mendoza wrote that, the government had decided to go through with a plan where, “… new restrictions, along with a $1 billion budget for food supplies, sewage recycling, and environmental protection” (Mendoza 3). They will only being using that much money to give the citizens their needs in order for survival and keeping money in order but that still is a lot of money. A negative that had happened because of the drought was, “Last year, more than 99 percent of California’s $43 billion agricultural sector experience severe, extreme, or exceptional drought. That translated into costing the

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