Effects of Divorce on the Academic Achievement of a Child

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Nigeria: Effects of Divorce On Children 's Education
By Gimba Abdullahi Liman, 15 June 2012
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Intact family creates more flexible and conducive environment for learning and high educational motivation to their children, when compared to divorced parents.
Although children control in a divorce family is determined by sex, age and number of children in the family, females are generally more flexible to control than their male counter parts, and some male children don 't even care about their divorce parents but rather see it as an opportunity to engage in antisocial behaviors."
The sociologist advises that to curb the effect of divorce on children, "the parent should manage his or her time adequately, know the children 's emotional feelings and also visit their schools regularly to ascertain their activities, it is important to also know if a child is in the system or has been withdrawn."
In essence parental divorce diminishes the economic and social resources available to children which in turn has negative consequences for the children 's educational attainment.
Thus parents should try to avoid any negative impact of divorce on their children by ensuring corrective measures are clearly stipulated based on the kind of problem, they should try to avoid divorce as much as

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