Effects of Internet

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Nowadays, everyone uses internet, but most of the people do not know its effect. This paper aims to show the effects of internet on its users’ lives. An analytic literature review is followed. Based on twelve sources, the paper describes the effect of internet on three major fields in life. First, in their article “Online communication and adolescent relationships”, Subrahmanyan and Greenfield stressed on the effect of internet on the communication between friends, strangers and family members. Second, Internet has an effect on health, especially psychological effect. Moreover, a study done by the University of California – Loss Angeles (UCLA) found that internet influence brain function. Third, Internet can affect work and education.…show more content…
Gustavo Mesh found in his study that family time is affected only with a teen uses the internet for social purposes. In addition, Rosen has found that the more hours an adolescent spend on the internet, the more he feels that his parents doesn’t support him. Other research showed that most of the parents do not know what their children do online. More than fifty percent of parents have never looked at their children profile. But, parents can control their kids on the internet by “monitoring”: the software will block different sites or by limiting the access. In this way, the parents decide the permitted sites (Subralmanyan; Greefield, 2008). Parents can control their kids involve in internet. They can allow them to spend their time searching online, not socializing since search can be finished, but chatting and socializing never finish. When following this strategy, family time will not be affected. The internet has also a big effect on romantic relations. It can reinforce the relations between two persons, but it can destroy it too. Teens use internet to find or to break a relation, they use it also to search about someone they have dated. According to Pew Survey on Teenagers and Instant Messaging, results shows that 17% ask someone out online, and 13% end a relation online. Others use internet to know more about their date. This will affect their future (Subralmanyan; Greefield, 2008). So, Pew survey shows that romantic relations are connected to the
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