Effects of One Child Policy in China Essay

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The one-child policy in China forces families to only have one child by using harsh treatments such as undocumented children, forced abortions, and fines. The policy affects the elderly, economy, education levels, personality of children and the value of girls in China. Deng Xiaoping, a Chinese leader, created the one-child policy in 1979 in order to limit population growth of the Han Chinese. The policy takes away couples’ rights to have more than one child. Why does the government have to issue such harsh punishments to the breakers of the policy?
In the article, “China’s One-child Policy’s Human Cost Fuels Calls for Reform,” Branigan discusses undocumented children and the burden they hold on their family. The family has to pay fines …show more content…

Fines are used to make less people want to have the second child in China.
CNBC states that, “decades of a one- child policy in China means there are now fewer working youngsters to support their elders” (Harjani). Since most people have been only having one child since the policy was created, there are less adults to take care of and support the elderly. Not having enough people to take care of the elderly is a negative affect of the policy. The elderly needs someone to take care of them and help figure out their living situations.
Holliday reports on how China’s economy would be better if they go rid of the one- child policy. If there was a high working population than the economy of China would increase, the only way to raise the population is to loosen the reigns of the one- child policy, and allow couples to have a second child. A potentially better economy is an important drive for the government to allow having a second child.

When the policy was
The one-child policy decreases the value of girls in China. In “How Chinese Art Explores Its One- child policy,” Sebag-Montefiore states, “China has the most uneven sex ration in the world, with 117 boys born for every 100 girls. In a culture that traditionally favours male offspring, girls have been abandoned, murdered and aborted” (Sebag- Montefiore). In “China’s One- Child Policy Turns 33 as Forced Abortions, Female Infanticides Continue,” Littlejohn claims: “The one child

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