Effects of The First Balkan War on the History of Europe Essay

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As one of the most troubled region of the Balkans in Central Europe, the Balkans were affected by strife and hostility. The problems in the Balkans not only affected the people living in this region, but also other large European powers that fueled many of the major conflicts and events of Europe at the time. The First Balkan War and its profound effects on European history will be discussed, while also exploring the future conflicts in both the Balkans and the rest of Europe.
The Balkan states were all relatively close to the Straits, and they were ambitious in their attempts to gain territory from the “Ottoman empire [which] seemed on the point of collapse.” The fight for this territory became one of several reasons for the initiation …show more content…

The Bosnian Crisis came directly out of this Revolution and led to tensions between powers. The Young Turks, a fairly new political group, had considerable power in the Ottoman Empire and took western ideals and tried to implement them in the Empire. As Ivan Gueshov, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria at the time describes it, “the Young Turkish Committee constitutes the only organized force in Turkey…[that] possesses power enough to impose its will.” The group’s dominant stance on the Empire’s politics allowed it to generate great change in the country’s leadership. The group overthrew the Sultan in power at the time, Abdulhamid II, and replaced him with Mohammed V. They tried to restore the 1876 constitution in the Ottoman empire which had never taken effect in the nation’s politics. They were, “eager to instill among all the various peoples of the Ottoman Empire a sense of Ottoman identity, and thus forestall its further disintegration. The Young Turks were also determined to modernize the Ottoman armed forces.” The effects of this revolution by the Young Turks were felt by people throughout the Balkans, especially by Austria and Russia, who desired control in the Balkans before any of the changes suggested by the Young Turks were implemented in the Ottoman Empire. Austria’s main objective was the overtaking of Bosnia, due to their already established rule over the region in the past. Russia, on the other hand, was focused on gaining control of the Black Sea Straits, as

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