The Balkan Peninsula, Or The Balkans, Is A Peninsula And

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The Balkan Peninsula, or the Balkans, is a peninsula and a cultural area in Southeastern Europe with various and disputed borders. It is often analyzed by its sub-regions, including northern, western, eastern and southern European areas. Many of these areas are highly developed, but some are also currently experiencing economic, political and / or social problems. However, two particular nations in Balkans illustrates this paradox quite effectively. These two countries are Albania and Romania, and these are nations that have realized their potential in most ways, yet today they are facing significant economic and socio-political issues. The two nations are both members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Albania and Romania are…show more content…
Albanian language is a treasure of the country. It is the most ancient language in Europe and it belongs to the group of Indo European language, but with its own branch, and with no similarities to other languages in the whole world. Many people when they hear me speaking in Albanian, constantly think it is either Slavic or French. While the Romanian language is also a language that belongs to the group of Indio European, but is it in the same branch as Italian language, Spanish or Portuguese. As shown above, in terms of the language, although these two countries have Indio European language, they have no similarities between each other at all. Regarding the religion, Albania is one of the countries where the people of different religions live in harmony together and no extremism is seen in this aspect. Back in times, Albanian people believed in Christianity . However, after the Turkish invasion, the majority of them where turned into Muslims; precisely 65% and the remaining part, 35% stayed Christians. The main reason why all the religions live in a perfect harmony with each other is because for over 50 years, Albania was under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha where religion and believing in sects wasn’t allowed. In conatrast, all the population of Romania is Christian and they all believe and respect all the events of Christianity. The Economy of Albania has suffered a
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