Efficient and Sustainable Ecosystems

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Ecosystem Report:
Ecosystems are everywhere. Any place that contains living and non-living organisms (biotic and abiotic), that share the same space are a community, this is called an ecosystem. An ecosystem can occupy a large space in the environment, or a very small space. To make up an ecosystem, there must be an interrelationship between the abiotic and biotic components in the ecosystem; for example, there must be a series of food-chains in order for the different species to survive in that particular ecosystem. Another definition of an ecosystem is:
‘They consist of all the organisms in a community, their biotic and abiotic environments, and exchanges within and between each of these’ (Knox et al. 2010, p. 128).
The purpose of this investigation is to thoroughly study an ecosystem, to expand the knowledge of many who wish to further understand the environment and its components. By completing this investigation it allows for people to understand the importance and needs for having and maintaining healthy ecosystems. For example, ‘Ecosystems provide food both in their natural the form of managed landscapes’ (International Water Management Institute 2011, p. 11). The investigations of ecosystems are vital in today’s society because people can learn how to better treat and take care of them so they are more efficient and sustainable.

Figure 1: This is a map of where the investigation was taken place, and it shows the 2 areas that

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