Efforts to Improve the Production of Insecticidal Baculoviruses in Insect Cell Cultures

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Although the production of insecticidal baculoviruses in insect cell cultures has been proposed as an alternative to overcome the limitations of the in vivo processes, so far no in vitro process could be even implemented on an industrial scale in India, and baculovirus occlusion bodies are still produced in infected insect larvae. Some factors that 25 years ago have hindered the development of large-scale production processes for baculoviruses in insect cell cultures, such as the sensitivity of insect cells to the stresses linked to the mechanical agitation in stirred tank reactors and to the bubble rupture in sparged bioreactors, have been resolved and several cell lines can be cultivated today in industrial bioreactors of large volume to …show more content…

The cultures can grow as suspension culture on shakers and found to be successful for in vitro production of wild type/recombinant baculoviruses as bio-insecticides. However, most cell lines have not been sufficiently characterized certain issues related to economic feasibilities for entrepreneurs and those issues will be addressed in the present proposal such as 1.Simplification of the composition of the culture medium: The cost of the culture medium will be reduced by applying the more empirical approaches like replacement of costly ingredients, such as amino acids and lipids, by optimized mixtures of raw materials of lower cost such as protein hydrolysates and cooking oils. 2. Possibility to obtain high volumetric yields of viral OBs: The usual strategy to produce baculovirus occlusion bodies in insect cell cultures has been the infection of batch cultures. Generally in batch cultures the high yields are impaired by the “cell density effect”. Whenever possible, the adoption of alternative strategies of infection could be a way to overcome the cell density effect and thus improve the viral productivity. The fed-batch culture, which has proven to be a feasible alternative to increase the yield of recombinant proteins and BV in Sf9 cell cultures at high density, could also be an alternative strategy to increase the yield of occlusion bodies. A deeper understanding of the causes that lead to the

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