Eggplant: The Universally Flattering Color for Every Woman

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Eggplant is a Universally Flattering Color for Every Woman
This season, we dare you to be fearless by adding some bold pops of color to your wardrobe. This is the perfect moment to brighten up and broaden your color pairing options since the latest trends embrace deep, daring hues.

Of all the color trends this season, we easily fell in love with the rich, royal tones of purple, from amethyst to plum to lavender. The new Fresh Produce Eggplant Collection celebrates the earthy tones of this comforting vegetable, which stars in such hearty dishes as ratatouille, moussaka and parmigiana.

Fresh Produce now carries more than 100 women’s clothing items in various purple-inspired hues, from a pinstripe vintage cardigan and comfortably stylish flutter dress in eggplant to a Boca pencil skirt in lilac and a soothing soy candle made from lavender and thyme.

Enhance Every Skin Tone with Eggplant
The combination of warm red and cool blue undertones in eggplant are flattering to nearly every complexion. This shade of purple is both boisterous and soothing, giving fair skin a healthy glow and enriching dark skin with an aura of elegance.

“Eggplant is the perfect purple because it is extremely versatile, almost like a black, dark brown or navy,” notes Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute, in an article with Real Simple.

Because of this warm-cool combo, more women are also able to pull off jewel tone purples. Lighter pastels and shocking neons run the risk of

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