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With the arrival of spring comes a change in fashion and style trends. What was in during the winter, may be out in spring, and this is something to be mindful of when you are out shopping. Of course, it is important to be current with hair, clothing and shoe trends, but if you are a lover of jewelry, or plan to purchase jewelry for someone who is, you might want to double-check what new colors are the most sought after. Here are some of the top new colors from Konstantino Jewelry that you should consider when purchasing women's jewelry in Birmingham, AL. Blue: During the spring, people like to wear bright colors and floral prints, so blue is definitely something a little different for this time of year. If you happen to be fond of the color blue, or …show more content…

Konstantino Jewelry has several pieces that incorporate this popular spring color. Between the earrings, rings and necklaces, you will have a lot to choose from, so you want to choose wisely, especially if you are shopping for someone else or need to find a great piece to match an outfit. Purple: How often do you see a purple piece of jewelry? It may not be a color that you saw people wearing in prior years, or even one you have considered, but this spring, purple is in. Amethyst is a beautiful, unique variety of quartz that many people enjoy, and with it having a nice purple color to it, you will likely see many pieces both on people and at jewelry stores near you. A great piece of jewelry will be something that is quality, beautiful and eye-catching. You have a lot of options to choose from for jewelry, and while you may focus on size or how much something sparkles and glistens in the light, the color is just as important if you want to be fashionable. Should you choose the wrong color for your piece, you may not be as trendy as you want to

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