Egoism And Egoism In Peter Parker's Spider Man

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The stimulus that I have chosen for this internal assessment is a scene from the movie, Spider-Man 2. Peter Parker struggles to find a balance between his Spider man life and his life as a citizen; his grades are steadily declining at university, he gets fired from his job and cannot find any time for his friends. In the scene that I selected, Parker realizes that he has a choice, that there are no obligations for him to climb walls and fight crime for a safer environment. He then decides to throw his Spider-Man costume in a bin and forget about his super hero life, in order to focus on his own life. As a result, his life as an individual is thriving, his grades at university are getting better, and he doesn’t have to fight crime anymore, which offers him more time for his beloved ones and personal ambitions.
150 words Should an individual act for his own benefit? Or should he act for the sake of others? In ethics it is assumed that right actions demand an individual to act for the sake of others, this concept is known as altruism. However this view is challenged by the concept of egoism: the idea of putting our own interests to benefit ourselves before …show more content…

It is clear that an unjust man who has possession of the ring would act egoistically. But what about the righteous man? Since he would not have any consequences for what he does, he does not feel fear, in that case why would he act altruistically? According to Glaucon, he would not act altruistically, as there are no consequences to his actions. I personally think that it depends on a lot of factors and the person himself. For example a priest that has acted altruistically throughout his life will probably act altruistically even while he possesses the ring of Gyges. He probably does not want to act egoistically and the way he was brought up and educated will influences the ethics of choices he will

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