Egypt Political System

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Politics in Egypt
Egypt’s Profile
Egypt is a state situated in the North of Africa officially known as the Arab republic of Egypt. It is one of Africa’s most important countries due to its attractions like the pyramids. It is also a home to about seventy eight million people. It is bordered to the south by Sudan, to the Libya in the west, Israel and Gaza in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the North. All its major cities lie along the River Nile which runs across the country from the North and empties in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the source of sustenance to the people of Egypt. The largest city which is the capita; city of Egypt is Cairo. Egypt’s terrain is that of a desert
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For this reason, the Prime Minister and his cabinet have to be from the dominant party or coalition in the assembly. In the case where the President and the Assembly are from opposing parties, then a situation known as cohabitation is created. Motions of censure are most of the time proposed by the opposition following government actions that it considers highly inapt, they are purely rhetorical this means that the party discipline should see to it that throughout a parliamentary term, the government is never overthrown or given a motion of censure by the assembly (Constitution Declaration 2011).
The Shura Council also known as the consultative council is a 264-member upper house of Parliament that came to being in the 1980’s. In the Shura Council 176 members are directly elected and 88 members are appointed by the President of the Republic for six-year terms. One half of the Shura Council is renewed every three years. The Shura Council 's legislative powers are limited and on most matters of legislation, the People’s Assembly always has the last and final word in the event of a disparity between the two houses.
There currently exist eighteen recognized political parties from across the political spectrum. Formation of political parties based on religion is prohibited by the Constitution. The official opposition and political pressure groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood, are active
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