Egypt : A Fragile State

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Ancient Egypt is one of the first pristine states Before Egypt there were many ancient civilizations that were secondary states and not pristine. The secondary states only met some of the criteria needed, not all six. Egypt has been well documented in which it meets all the criteria needed to become a pristine state. The six criteria needed to become a pristine state was population pressure, intensification of agriculture, warfare, hereditary leader, storable grains, and impaction/circumscription. By becoming a pristine state in ancient times, it meant that Egypt would be a powerful civilization for many years. Egypt was the first state level society to become a pristine state. Egypt was an ever growing population which had population pressure for the need to support all of the people in the society. To be able to support the population, they needed to intense the agricultural aspect of the society. Food is one of the basic needs for life to sustain itself especially for a large population. They used the Nile extensively for the water to help the production of crops. After they planted the crops there was time of harvest in which they were able to gather food and store them for future use. They also had a hereditary leader because most, if not every pharaoh had the throne passed from one generation to another. Warfare is also needed to expand the boundaries to help give more land to support a growing population. Egypt was also surrounded by deserts and the Nile River.
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