Egypt 's Dynastic Period Of Egypt

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There are so many fascinating facts about Egypt’s history, from the early years to modern day. Egypt is located on the African continent. Before it became a roman province during the 1st century B.C. it was ruled by 30 dynasties often called pharaohs, this was called Egypt’s dynastic period or ancient Egypt. The dynastic period lasted more than 3000 years which was longer than any other civilization known. From 3500 B.C. there were two kingdoms in Egypt, Upper, ruled by pharaohs wearing a red crown and Lower ruled by pharaohs wearing a white crown, these two kingdoms were united by King Horus Narmer, he is the first known king of Egypt, he can be seen in ancient Egyptian paintings wearing both a red and a white crown. There is not much known about King Narmer, but his name has been found throughout Egypt and even in Syria-Palestine, this evidence indicates that there was an active trade going on between Egypt and parts of the Ancient Near East. There was a King named Scorpion who was either Narmer’s predecessor or a rival king who ruled the south of the country, his tomb was not far from where King Narmer’s tomb was found. From the lack of evidence we cannot get a clear picture of who these two kings were nor what their relationship is to each other. The last pharaoh of Egypt was Cleopatra, she was Greek not Egyptian.
Ancient Egyptian life was centered on agriculture. Farming wheat, fruits and vegetables were a means of living, there were some raising of cattle, sheep, pigs,

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