Egyptian Animals Research Paper

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Important Egyptian Animals

Today we love technology as much as Egyptians loved animals. Cats, jackals, and crocodiles are some of the many animals that Ancient Egyptians worshipped but they are more likely to be worshipped. Ancient Egyptians worshipped many animals and gods, but these three animals were most commonly worshipped. They all had an affect on Egyptian lifestyle. You will be learning about three animals that were a huge part in an Egyptian's life.

I’m almost certain that everyone knows that people are cats were worshipped in Egypt. But I'm not so sure about people knowing that Bubastis in northern Egypt worshipped cats more than any other city. But in all that worshipping there has to be some haters, amongst those haters may be murderers(of cats obviously, what were you thinking). Even if someone killed a cat by accident they could and probably would be sentenced to death. Once their cat died, the owners would shave their eyebrows off in mourning. They would mourn until their eyebrows grew back. Cats were household pets unlike crocodiles but they were treated with the same respect. …show more content…

In many tombs scientists found crocodile eggs with young and/or old crocodiles. Sobek, the crocodile god, was considered to be a four-fold deity. That means he represented the four elemental gods Ra of fire, Shu of air, Geb of earth, and Osiris of water. His immense power landed him a huge part in history by being the creator or at least that's what legend says. Crocodiles, like jackals were known for their strength and

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