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Elder Care Case Study

Elder Care Case Study
Mr. Trosack is a 72 year old man who fell down a long flight of stairs a month ago, underwent a total hip replacement and is in need of a discharge plan. He completed two weeks of rehabilitation in the hospital for his hip as well as diabetic teaching for his new onset of Diabetes. It was also discovered during this hospitalization that he needed to start taking medication for hypertension. Both he and his family are in denial about what it will take to get him home and deliver the care that is needed.
Healthcare Issues and their Importance
Discharge planning and management with an elderly person can become very complicated and should be approached with an open mind and the willingness …show more content…

Addressing the stairs is not a simple solution. As long as Mr. Trosack is able to walk those stairs following a discharge from the rehab then he can move back home. Side rails on both sides need to be secure and easily accessible to him at a safe level for him to hold on to. Some apartment complexes have added elevators or elevator chairs, if that is an option then that would be fantastic. These issues need to be addresses to avoid another injury at home such as a fall.
Mr. Trosacks new diagnosis of Diabetes and Hypertension need to be addressed. There are many psychosocial issues with his new disabilities and diagnosis. These are important because he needs to be able to accept his disabilities and take care of his health, in order to avoid serious complications, heal and cope. It is clear that Mr. Trosack is having a difficult time accepting his new medical diagnosis as well as not being able to be independent. His comments about being able to handle it all himself at home but yet communicating his frustrations by having to take medications and not being able to get up and down the stairs speak volumes. Continued diabetic teaching may help him understand the importance of food choices and listening to his body’s signals of low or high blood sugar levels. Even after discharge from the rehab center Mr. Trosack should continue having a home health nurse in for periodic visits since it may be difficult to

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