Elderly Heart Failure Case Study

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Elderly Heart Failure patients would be the most appropriate researchable population for use in the research project. Firstly, they are the ones suffering the most; hence understanding their problems would be the best approach towards yielding competent results (Fraley & Hudson, 2014). Secondly, both research questions revolve around the challenges facing the patients. In such case, understanding the level of care the population gets would help to know whether or not the nurses are equipped with competent as well as necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Further, data collected from the population would help to implement effective evidence-based techniques for the efficient Transitional Care program for the patients rather than when relying on another population (Fraley & Hudson, 2014). Challenges…show more content…
Firstly, following the age of the subjects, it would be difficult to get participants who can appropriately respond to both the questionnaire and the interview. Well-equipped, as well as knowledgeable people would be needed to ensure data collected is valid and unbiased. Secondly, the providence of incentives can be affected (Ritchie, Lewis & Elam, 2013). Unlike the youths, dealing with aging population can be troublesome. In most cases, researchers find it challenging to learn the various ways of interacting with them. For instance, some researchers tend to have incentives that do not correlate with
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