Electoral College Debate

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The Republicans and Democrats would have you believe that America is perfect besides the other party. There's no doubt that there are some serious issues with the politics of this country, but one of my significant concerns isn’t the feud between the conservatives and the liberals, it's the Electoral College. In my opinion, the reason that politics is so utterly bungled is the inherent issues that stem from the election process. The Electoral College devalues votes and the voices of the individuals so in my opinion, removing it should be a bipartisan issue.
Let's start with some exposition, the framers of the constitution decided that a select few people representing the population of the US was needed to vote in the presidential election because the average citizen was not informed enough to make a decision. As it stands, this means that the president only needs the majority of the 538 votes that
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Candidates won't bother campaigning in California or Texas because they know it's Democratic or Republican so that means swing states matter more and have more say in a presidential cycle. This equally mutes the minority voters in both of these states. Furthermore, the issues in small swing states often become key election issues, when they only really affect a small percentage of people. This is just a fraction of the issues with the Electoral College, I wrote 2 other paragraphs that I didn’t use because I didn’t have enough space, and then there is even more than that! What you should take away from this is that as a result of the system in place, an individual's voice is made less valuable through a myriad of methods. The message that I want to convey is simple one person should get one vote because the electoral college is detrimental to
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