Electrical Transmission Lines Essay

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Introduction: Is there enough evidence to indicate that people living near electrical transmission lines are at an increased risk for health issues? Are BC Hydro’s high-powered transmission lines putting the Canadian public at risk? Although there is currently no definite answer to these questions, there may be a few things to consider. Since the 1970’s, concerns about high-powered transmission lines impacting people’s health have struck strong debate [6] . M. Abdel-Salam, a professor at the department of electrical engineering at Assiut University, suggests that calculating the electromagnetic radiation distribution under high-powered power lines is crucial for assessing the radiation people are exposed to [6]. Ahlbom and Feychting …show more content…

It will then cite studies that outline the health implications EMF exposure may have on people. Finally, it will address the findings that suggest that EMF exposure may have no proven harm on people’s health. What is electromagnetic radiation and where does it come from? Electromagnetic force (EMF) radiation is a non-ionizing force that is present as a result of electric fields [6]. Whenever electrical current is passed through a wire, electromagnetic fields circles the path of current [6,13]. When charged particles move, known as a current, it’s movement generates an electric and magnetic field [6]. The current’s flow generates the magnetic field and the electrical potential generates the electric field[13]. When referring to these two fields together we call them EMFs [13]. Since magnetic fields are non-ionizing and considered far less dangerous than other radiation, such as x-rays and microwaves, EMF radiation is not commonly considered dangerous, and as a result, does not receive scrutiny to as high of an extent [13,9]. Electromagnetic radiation, when compared to x-rays or even UV light, consists of a very low frequency and high wavelength [12]. This means that the health implications EMF radiation may have is far less obvious when compared to a known carcinogens such as x-rays or UV radiation [12, 6]. EMF radiation is present in all consumer electronics [12]. As a matter of fact, it is present in anything with an electrical current. High

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