The Pros And Cons Of Barehanding

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Do you feel like having power is easy as turning on a light switch to to plugging an appliance into the wall maybe you do but after reading this your opinion might change.This research paper will discuss the idea of barehanding and how to work on energized power lines. There is one certain technique that is called barehanding . “Barehanding” is a safe way for trained transmission linemen to work on high-voltage power lines, while being attached to a fully energized conductor (tower or helicopter). This technique is used to perform required maintenance such as replacing insulators, connecting hardware, and conductors on the transmission lines. It isn't very common but the idea of barehanding is growing. Barehanding can be dangerous …show more content…

Also because the equipment to do so is very expensive. The major reason why barehanding wire is preferred over others is because it keeps your customer from being exposed to an outage. There are many advantages and disadvantages of barehanding energized wire.The major advantage when it comes to barehanding wire is that it keeps your customer from being exposed to an outage. An outage is when the power company has to shut of the power to a business or facility in order to operate on their power lines. This could very easily end badly because it will more than likely leave businesses vulnerable. Also Barehanding is a safe way for trained transmission lineman to work on high voltage wires. Barehanding also allows the lineman to have full control of their hands rather than using a nineteen foot hot stick and big bulky rubber gloves. Along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. One disadvantages can come from not following the rules and using safety precautions. The end result of not doing these things can result in electrocution. Another disadvantage would be how much it can cost a company to allow their lineman to barehand. As said before, barehanding is a very expensive job. The cost of the uniforms and equipment can be very high. Also there are things you need to know about barehanding devices along with the safety precautions that go along with it. All insulating equipment, insulating tools, platforms, and

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