Victims Of Electronic Crime

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Electronic crime is also known as computer-related crimes, high-tech crimes or cybercrime. The term describes both crimes directed at computers or other carrier servers and crimes that use computers or networks to make the offence. These crimes are often driven by the intention to ruin one’s reputation, harm someone physically or mentally, and/or cause loss to the victim directly or indirectly for their own personal gain. Some examples of electronic crime include: phishing, copyright infringement, viruses, child pornography, child grooming, cyberterrorism, cyberbullying, defamation etc.

Due to the increasing use of technology today, we are all vulnerable to being a victim of electronic crime. Although we are all becoming more reliant on technology, people continue to not take basic precautions such as setting passwords leaving their security level very low. Additionally, these crimes are quite frequent as it is harder to track and catch the criminal as they are able to remain relatively anonymous behind a screen and not physically at the scene. Cyber criminals are very manipulative and often have complicated plans to get what they want. For example, on online shopping sites you must provide all your personal details including your home address and your credit card number. From there, they may hack the site and get your details or create an email or website to mimic it so that you are unknowingly handing them your

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