The Dangerous of Computer Hacking

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Christian Rupe 5/25/09 Research Essay: Final Draft Professor Wilson Hackers and Security Measures A diverse group of people often referred to as “hackers” have been stereotyped as unethical, irresponsible, and a serious threat to society for their actions of breaching of computer systems in an undesirable manner. I will attempt to construct a picture of what a computer crime is, as well as a portrait of what a hacker is, their concerns, and how most hacking occurs. I will also cover the best security measures against undesirable hacking. It is my intent to argue that, most hackers are learners and explorers who want to help rather than cause harm. Additionally, my research will suggests that the general principle of hacking is…show more content…
This paper is a report of what I discovered about hacking, and subsequently a report about my research. I focused my attention on answering some key questions such as: what is hacking, who are the hackers, what motivates them, why is hacking dangerous, and what is the future of hacking. I also give useful details about computer crime especially its definition and some important categories of it. What is a computer crime? Computer crime is a more serious issue than most realize. “According to the FBI, the average profit in a live bank robbery is $4000; the average computer heist exceeds $400.000. The American society for industrial security calls computer-related crimes a multi-billion dollar annual business”. Although a lot of people agree that computer crimes are increasing rapidly, there is a disagreement on what a computer crime involves. That is because the technology and the methods used by criminals are continuously changing. Therefore, there are various definitions. But if somebody wanted to do a research about the law in different countries he/she will realize that computer is either the medium used to propagate the act or the target of the act. Thus, “computer crime consist of two kinds of activities: a) The use of a computer to propagate acts of deceit, theft or concealment that are intended to provide
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