Essay on Electronic Health Record Business Case Research Analysis

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Electronic Health Record Business Case Research Analysis Healthcare is a prevailing topic of today’s conversation. People want and need better access to care. Electronic Health Reports provide access to better care because their implementation and use is considered to be of greatest importance for reducing medical errors and improving the quality of service that patients receive (Song et al. 2011). The traditional paper-based record keeping system will be a thing of the past as the US healthcare delivery system makes a shift to electronic record keeping. This transition will take place as an advantage that links local and national healthcare strategies and places a priority on efficient operational practices. Even though a benefit of …show more content…

2011). The research was conducted by interviews that were a combination of in-person and telephone interviews. For the sake of consistency, an interview guide was created which included open-ended questions within seven domains. After key contact persons at each system were identified for the interview process, two research team members conducted most of the interviews. The interviews lasted 60 minutes and were recorded and transcribed to allow for further analysis. The research team utilized the Atlas.ti software program to assist in keeping track of and analyzing the collected data. While focusing on the business case domain, the researchers posed questions which would give a clue as to the perceptions of the financial costs and benefits associated with EHR adoption and implementation. Based on the interviews of the key contacts, the research team came to five conclusions from the organizations’ decision of a business case for adopting the EHR system and the benefits they expected as an outcome: “The rigor of formal business case evaluation varied, There was a perceived financial business case for EHR system adoption, The non-financial benefits for EHR system adoption made the most compelling business case for healthcare organizations, External factors influenced

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