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The Barriers of Electronic Medical Record Systems and How to Overcome Them, by Clement J. McDonald. The Barriers of Electronic Medical Records System and How to Overcome Them is a literature review that explains more in-depth the barriers of adopting Electronic Medical Records and solutions. Dr. Clement list two major barriers that are faced when implementing or adopting Electronic Medical Record Systems. First barrier that Dr. Clement list is the fact that there are too many different separate systems with different data structures. Dr. Clement labels these multiple systems as data islands. Each island contains different data, different structures, and different levels of granularity. The multitude of patient data islands poses a huge barrier to the adoption of a single Electronic Medical Record system. The second barrier that Dr. Clement lists is the multitude of numbers of different kind of care providing sites in the United States (“Table 2,”, May 1, 1997). The challenge of the multitude of number of different kind of care providing sites in the United States is further complicated by the fact that larger organizations such as hospitals do not always perform test in house or capture information that is not of interest to the practitioners. Lab results are sent to a third party lab for analysis is an example of such barrier. Dr. Clement lists …show more content…

Clement concludes that to solve the first challenge would be to adopt a widely used Electronic Medical Record standard that is currently widely used by multiple health care institutions. Dr. Clement also concluded that in order to overcome the second listed barrier of Electronic Medical Record adoption. Two challenges must be overcome first. The first challenge to overcome would be to capture all physician gathered information and the second challenge would be to identify the minimum set of variables that are affordable and do not compromise the quality and outcome of patient

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