Electronic Product Code Upc And Optical Character Recognition Ocr

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With the passage of time and extreme advancement in the technology the field of automatic identification has come up with great potential. There are different methods to do this. The most commonly used methods are Universal Product Code UPC and Optical Character Recognition OCR. OCR has limited the use of UPC but Optical Character Recognition has also different deficiencies which ultimately lead towards another technique called as Radio Frequency Identification also termed as RFID. RFID is the most modern technique. RFID tags are readily available in the market. As the name RF suggests that RFID reader uses radio frequency for the identification of objects.
Chapter 2 of the book describes the general introduction of Radio Frequency
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• No Battery.
• Simple Circuitry.
The use of a microphone and speaker coil was the first example of using backscatter radio link to carry substantial amount of information. This was done in 1948. The passive back scatter radio technique was used when the radar or reader is very far away from the object to be identified. But if the object to be identified is very close to the reader i.e. in the range of few centimeters then there is no need for passive back scatter technique. In this case we used a technique in which the receiver and the transmitter are inductively coupled. Such systems can operate at very low frequencies i.e. few kilohertz to few megahertz. These are also called as low range transmitters and receivers because they operate in a very low range of centimeters. Talking about the manufacturing of such cheap transponders these can be made by using a sensitive magnetic strip. When the reader comes close to the strip it vibrates and takes the necessary information. They were developed in 1960’s wildly used in retail stores and etc. Now if we want more ID space we have to slightly change the circuitry of the transponder. Such circuitry can be composed with the help of a capacitor and the inductor which operates at a resonant frequency. Such a system will provide much larger ID space than the previous ones. Then inventors thought of a more sophisticated tag in which radio frequency can also be used as a power source for the tag. Such a tag can be made by
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