Elementary Vs Middle School

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Not everybody likes school but, elementary school is and will always be my best five years of school. Elementary school, miss one day nothing happens. High school, miss one day you're failing three classes. Kindergarten, you get naps because little kids are not use to being up that early. That’s the only year you get a nap because they try to get you ready for the next year. Fifth grade, they changed the rules this year at Lincoln Elementary school, they don’t let you have recess anymore because they are trying to get you ready for middle school. In middle school you don’t get recess.
Elementary and Middle school are alike many ways. The stuff they teach you is very easy to learn and to do it. You can take choir, band, and orchestra to learn how to sing and play a musical instrument.
Both Elementary and Middle school teach the same subjects, reading, math, social
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Middle school they have different teachers teaching the subjects unlike in elementary the teacher teaches all the subjects besides music, art, and gym.
Students in middle school work with more than one teacher. Middle school is transitioning students to be more prepared for High school. In Elementary school they don’t care how immature you are but, in Middle school they want you to act your age and more mature. You get to play games and have more fun in Elementary school. Middle school it's all about the learning and maturity level.
So, as you can tell there are a lot more differences then similarities in Elementary and Middle school. Lincoln Elementary School is my favorite school out of the other two schools I attend. They give you extra recess, sometimes the teachers give you candy if you are good. Every school is not the same as the others. They principals do things differently and run the schools
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