Elements Of Art : Visual Elements

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Elements of Art Line: The visual element of art that is a continuous mark made on a ground support and has one dimension - length. Lines are a very common part of everyday life. There are different lines that have various directions. Different line direction can suggest movement. The different directions of line are—horizontal, vertical, diagonal, straight, and curved. Lines are considered to be one dimensional and are usually only measured in length. Depending on the thickness, thinness, or boldness of a line, the line can portray a variety of different moods and character. Horizontal lines go across - left to right. Vertical lines go up and down. Diagonal lines angle either up from left to right or down from left to right. Curved lines turn any number of ways. • Space: Space is the element of art that is the void area surrounding and within shapes and forms. Space is an element of art that artists use to create dimension and depth within their compositions. The amount of interest and atmosphere that the artwork can project to the viewer depends upon the successful development of space in a composition. This can dramatically increase the aesthetics of the work. There are two kinds of space, negative and positive. Positive space is the area that the shape or form occupies. Negative space is the empty areas around, above, below, and between the shapes and forms. Space is part of every piece of artwork, whether it is a two-dimensional piece, such as a painting, or a
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