Elements Of The Legal Citation Lugenbuhl V. Dowling

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What are the elements of the legal citation Lugenbuhl v. Dowling (i.e.- plaintiff, defendant, court, location of case etc.)
Our prescribed reading case is published in reporters, just as all other legal cases. In our reading, Lugenbuhl and Dowling are the parties in the case. The case can be found in volume 701 of the Southern Reporter, Second Series beginning on page 447. The Supreme Court of Louisiana decided this case, with an appeal rehearing denied November 21, 1997.
Explain the meaning and importance of the doctrine of informed consent.
Informed consent is a legitimate philosophy that has been produced by the courts over a number of years. The regulation of informed consent may have derived from the Nuremberg Code, which encourages specialists get the willful inform consent of the subject before directing medicinal experimentation. The informed consent doctrine obliges that specialists furnish a patient with all-important data around a proposed method or treatment preceding getting the consent of the patient to complete the technique or treatment. The importance of informed consent protects the patient by providing them with complete information on how to make an informed decision. Informed consent is also important to protect the doctor from financial liability (with exceptions) if the procedure is properly executed according to the prevailing standard of care and without negligence. The adult patient 's power to consent is very broad and inadequate delivery

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