Elephant and Rhino Comparison

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The white rhinoceros and the Asian elephant possess many similar characteristics, including the way they look, yet also possess many differences such as the two continents they live on. There are five living species of rhino (black, white, Indian, Javan and Sumatran) and only two of the elephant (African and the Asian). All are in jeopardy of extinction with their slow rate of breeding, poaching and in the rhinoceroses, their territorial behavior.

Both of these beasts belong to the same kingdom (Animalia), phylum (Chordata), sub-phylum (Vertebrata) and class (Mammalia). Meaning they are both back-boned mammalian, animals. They both have hair and give birth to live young. White rhinos (Ceratotherium simum), and Asian elephants (Elephas
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The wails of a courting male rhinoceros are called ¡¥hic-throbbing¡¦ or even the males¡¦ love-song. Scientists don¡¦t know why but they believe it has something in common with the deep abdominal groans of the Asian elephant which can be transmitted through the ground and felt by others.

In either species, if it is possible for the male to make body contact with the female he tries to lay his head or trunk in the elephant, on her back. After lots of
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