Elf Movie Analysis

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In 2003, many people would have never thought that Elf would be as great of a success as it is today. Elf is a once in a generation Christmas movie that includes clever and humorous jokes as well as hits the soft spot of much of the audience This comedy may seem cheesy to many but as the story takes off you will not want to leave your seat. From people getting hit by taxis to elves getting into fist fights with Santa, this totally unpredictable movie will keep you laughing for 97 minutes. You will have a hard time keeping up with the movie because you will spend so much time catching your breath. Once you watch the movie once, it will turn into a Christmas tradition for years to come. Elf revolves around a premature human named Buddy, played by Will Ferrell, who was misplaced in Santa’s sack on a Christmas night many years ago. As he grows up Buddy starts to ask more and more questions about his real family. His adopted father then sends him to New York City, where his real family lives. As Buddy arrives to the Big Apple, he encounters multiple challenges such as his father, his new job, and his love life. When Buddy arrives his biological father is constantly a scrooge because it’s Christmas time and he is having trouble writing a children’s book. Buddy doesn’t help his situation because all he wants to do is have quality time, but to his father he is being an annoying child. Buddy also has to find a way to cope with a job. As he wanders into a mall, Buddy is mistaken by

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