Elizabeth And Akbar

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This essay will be discussing chapter 2 which is Elizabeth and Akbar, chapter 4 Kangxi and Louis XIV, chapter 8 Bismark and Ito and chapter 10 Hitler and Stalin. This essay will discuss each one of the leaders in the chapters and how they came to power, how they ruled the people, and how they dealt with outside forces. This essay will also talk about how all these leaders had deal with governmental change and how they dealt with it. Queen Elizabeth and Akbar were both leaders that rolled their own country and focused heavily on religion to roll their countries. Elizabeth was a Protestant ruler. Elizabeth became Queen on November 17 1558. She restored Protestant Christianity as the official religion of England. If you refused to attend church you can be punished. People would be punished if they were not Protestant and could face fine and the possibility of death. Elizabeth served as Queen of England for 44 years. Akbar was a ruler of the Mughal Empire in the 1500s. Akbar grew up with a Sunni father and a Shiite mother. He expanded the Mughal Empire to the greatest extent. He used religion to help control his government and inforce laws on his people. Elizabeth and Akbar both proved that the use of religious conflict to strengthen their own rule can make the rule stronger and keep their people in control. Elizabeth and Akbar also proved that religious preference can only bring a divided state and not a unified state. Kangxi and Louis XIV were both rulers

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