Elvis And Johnny Cash Essay

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Historically, genres of popular music have undergone dramatic changes due to changing technology, social relationships with historical events, ideas and practices and the changing demographics of listeners. For genres as diverse as country and rock ‘n’ roll, there have been many changes that were forced along with cultural movements of the times that influenced and encouraged young people to express themselves through music and through listening to music. Elvis and Johnny cash where two huge influences, halfway through Elvis’s 20 years of fame, with popularising rock music he opened a pathway for artists such as Johnny cash who bridged the gap between rock and country music to rise up and create a movement. Each artist had influenced movements, before Elvis was drafted to the army; he attracted females for his good looks and use of sexuality in some of his lyrics. After joining the army, he soon gathered a substantial amount of followers, not just by women but men as well. He gained male followers because he was seen as a war hero that risked his life for his …show more content…

These two artists are key focal points for historical study as Johnny Cash played a critical role in the Civil Rights movement almost making Johnny Cash lose his career, after his crossover hit “Ring of Fire” and against strong resistance from his record label, Cash recorded “Bitter Tears,” an album in support of Native American rights. It was not a popular cause at the time. “It’s the earliest and most significant statement on behalf of Native people and our issues. Elvis Presley was not only lauded as the ‘King of Rock’ for his large involvement in the change of music style through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, but is also recognised by historians as making the music of oppressed African American musicians ‘rock music’ socially

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