Emergence And Eradication Of Polio

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Emergence and Eradication of Polio
Viren Patel
Valparaiso University

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The poliomyelitis word is derived from the Greek. It is the effect of poliomyelitis virus on the spinal cord which leads to paralysis. This virus enters from the person mouth and multiplication occurs in the area of pharynx and GI tract. Before the onset of illness, this virus present in the throat and the stool. After the onset it will be less in throat but continuous to excreted more in the stool. By attacking lymphatic tissue this virus enters to the blood stream and infects the cells of the nervous system. The severity of disease depends on the site of destruction. Respiratory or brainstem involvement causes highest morbidity and mortality (Ellen, Banks & Skein, 2014).
This purpose of this paper is to discuss about the emergence and eradication. Emergence of the polio includes the sign and symptoms, causes, spread of the disease, deaths due to the diseases, and countries affected by this disease. Eradication includes the treatment of the disease, WHO guidelines, invention of the vaccines, good sanitization, and immunization.

Polio often called poliomyelitis or infectious paralysis which is an acute, infectious, and viral disease. It spreads from person
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