Emergency Safety Goals : A 2015 National Patient Safety Goal Essay

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Prevent Mistakes in Surgery: A 2015 National Patient Safety Goal

Christopher Reyes California State University, Dominguez Hills School of Nursing Advanced Nursing Roles
MSN 502-08 Catherine Earl, Dr.PA, MSN, RN February 13, 2015

Prevent Mistakes in Surgery

The core purpose of the national patient safety goals is to indeed promote and improve patient safety. The Joint Commission (2015) lists several of them in its 2015 National Patient Safety Goals. One of the goals the author wants to elaborate more upon is: prevent mistakes in surgery. This paper will include an overview about the aforementioned national patient safety goal. It includes three methods to be followed to be able to achieve the said safety goal. The paper also highlights the importance of the issue to the general public, to the health care institutions, and to the health care professionals. Financial implications of not achieving the goal is also explored in this paper. This national patient safety goal is a multidisciplinary issue. The important roles of other professionals will be discussed as well as nursing leadership.
One of the primary purposes of this paper is to explain the importance of this National Patient Safety goal to health care institutions such as acute care hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. The author would like to stress that incidences of surgical errors has financial and public image implications on these health care institutions.

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