Emotional Availability, Internal Working Model, Infant 's Attachment, Circle Of Security And Developmental Milestones

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When exploring a mother and infants relationship closely it is evident that there are many layers to their relationship from attachment to parental sensitivity. Through the form of observations, information has been gathered to look in-depth at the mother-infant relationship. There are many layers in a mother-infant relationship and this essay will explore five concepts: emotional availability, internal working model, infant’s attachment, circle of security and developmental milestones. In light of this it’s important to look at the background of the family dynamic including the mother, father and infant as well as close family members including grandparents. The infant in which the observations are based on is currently 8 and half months old. The mother currently is studying full time and is also a mother to 3 older children ranging from 25 to 16. They reside in a small local town in the Wimmera region and the mother has been in the same town for 20 years and the father visits on a regular basis. Both the mother parents live only thirty kilometres away and the father has one living parent his mother who lives over 50 kilometres away. Both mother and father are in the late thirties early forties range and the father works full time as a painter.
The relationship a parent and a child have is fragile and is important as a parent or primary caregiver to show some form of emotional availability which refers to the individual’s capacity to be emotionally responsive to the

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