Emotional Characters In The Hockey Island : The Friendship Island

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Riley has inside her brain emotional characters that they are controlling her feelings and they are five, they named Joy and she is responsible for funny and joyful emotions inside her, Sadness responsible for sad and gloomy moments, Angry, Fear and disgust and each one of them have its own role inside Riley’s memory. They are controlling her mind in every situation in her life. Riley inside her memory has islands which create her personality during her growth like Family Island; it’s creating her beautiful memories between her parents. Friendship Island, it’s creating her amusing memories between her best friends. The Honest Island, it's one of Riley’s personality her parents upbringing her to be honest and not lie and say the truth even …show more content…

After that Sadness destroy also Riley’s islands memory. The headquarter room where they work in it crushed down because of Sadness mistake, then Joy and Sadness get inside Riley’s long memory and they cannot control Riley’s feelings and emotions because they do not in headquarters room especially Joy didn't there, she is the main emotional character in headquarters room as Joy knows how to controls Riley’s mood. And because of what was happening Riley’s behavior is getting so weird because Joy was not there in headquarters. And now fear, disgust and anger are the controllers in headquarters room so they cannot be like Joy each one of them have own emotion they can't exchange their emotions, hence in this moment when Joy is missing they have to pretend to be Joy they are trying so hard to make Riley happy. Joy and Sadness are trying to find the nearest way back and the only way is the islands but all islands are crushed down gradually. Joy on her way back she meets Bing Bong is the imaginary best friend to Riley, they are best friends and so much, so Joy take the chance and she asked Bing Bong to guide her to reach there. They are tried to across many dangerous ways to reach the train that get them back, during this time Riley is crushing

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