Emotional Intelligence

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Individual and Social Processes In the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, the central thesis that he tries to point out is that emotional intelligence may be more important than I.Q. in determining a person's well being and success in life. At first I didn't know what Goleman was talking about when he said emotional intelligence, but after reading the book I have to say that I agree completely with Goleman. One reason for my acceptance of Goleman's theory is that academic intelligence has little to do with emotional life. To me, emotions can be just as intelligent as your I.Q. In this essay I hope to provide sufficient evidence to show why I agree with Goleman's thesis on emotional intelligence. The first topic that I…show more content…
Then you have to be able to motivate yourself as well as recognize the emotions of the other person. Empathy is a big part of emotional intelligence also. Not only does it also build on self-awareness, but it's a big predictor of having people skills. The last domain, handling relationships, is the best predictor of a socially literate person. If you can handle relationships, you have the skill in managing the emotions in others. You will do well at anything that requires the interaction of others. As Goleman says, ‘…these people are social stars." All in all, I feel that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of a person's well being than academic I.Q. Even though emotional intelligence differs from men and women, it is still a more important trait to have than academic intelligence. All of us might still mix I.Q. and emotional intelligence to varying degrees, but of the two, I feel emotional intelligence adds far more of the qualities that make us more
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