Emotional Wreckage After Losing A Dog

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Emotional Wreckage After Losing a Dog When making the heart-wrenching decision to put a beloved canine companion to sleep, the aftermath can leave owners feeling a range of emotions. These emotions can last for months or even years,and they arrive in stages. The intensity as well as the timing of these stages will vary but no matter how, when, or why one loses a dog each owner will experience these stages. Sorrow, anger, regret, envy, and happiness are all emotions that one can and likely will partake in during this time. Losing a dog leaves an owner emotionally unstable due to the stages of grief that he or she goes through in order to move on with life. When a dog passes away, the owner is left to feel the aftermath of losing a companion. The first emotion that one goes through is usually overwhelming sadness. Some hold strong and don 't let the tears flow, some sob for days and nights until there are no tears left to shed. This stage of the grieving process will eventually weaken, but at first just waking up every morning will again leave you reeling with sorrow. As months and years go by, the reminders of the grief will become fewer. The dog on the street with all to familiar eyes, the late night viewing of “Marley and Me”, or the occasion picture of the passed pet that sits on the dresser. For some, sadness easily passes, others need a new companion to fill their hearts, and some are never the same after their dog has passed. Along with sorrow brings another

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