Emotions About Cancer

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Emotions About Cancer

Cancer does not only affect patients it affects those who are around you as well,families are affected by this the same way it affects the patient.
Disappointment,the first thing that comes to your mind when the doctor says “You are diagnosed with cancer”When people hear those words they feel frightened terrified because cancer is a deadly disease. Actually mortality rates in the USA varies in the type of cancer. Pancreatic cancer,liver cancer and lung cancer have the highest percentage of patients deceased within five years after diagnosed with cancer with 80% or more.The highest survival rates after 5 years are Testicular cancer(98%) Skin cancer malignant melanoma (89%) And breast cancer (78%) (Cancer,Wikipedia) In …show more content…

They get frustrated.all that is happening is just too much. Maybe they'll give up but what they don't see is that cancer can be curable. It's going to take time of course. The most important thing pacient. There's also those patients that don't care at all,that they rather die than get treated which is not good. They don't see All the damage that their doing not just themselves but to all the people around …show more content…

Cancer cells can spread through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system. Cancer can begin in any part of the body except teeth, and fingernails. Blood test can be very helpful to look for evidence of cancer. When cancerous cells move to another organ it's still considered what the first cancer was for example lung cancer if it metastasizes to the liver its still consider lung cancer because they're still lung cancer cells.(Metastasis,Wikipedia)
Advantages of chemotherapy are that it contains the growth of cancerous cells,shrinking tumors.In some cases the only thing that chemotherapy does is that it helps you live longer.but eventually you will die because chemotherapy wasn't able to cure you're cancer. In cases cancer can be cured by chemotherapy. It will destroy every cancer cell there is in your body. If the cancer does not come back after years it would be considered cured.
Chemotherapy has its disadvantages as well too. The one that most people know is the loss of hair. The loss of hair happens because chemotherapy targets cells that reproduce rapidly like healthy cells and cancer cells. Since hair follicles are the fastest growing cells in the body,it affects them ass well.another disadvantage is that you experience symptoms such as nausea,vomiting,loss of appetite,constipation or diarrhea.(Chemotherapy,

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