Emotions And Risks Perception Of Emotions

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Emotions and risks perception The concept of affect, emotions, moods In psychology, emotions and moods are phenomena that have been grouped under the umbrella term affect (Hosany & Gilbert, 2010). Affect is a term used to define “good” or “bad” as a feeling state initiated by a positive or negative stimulus that is consciously or unconsciously experienced (Peters, Burraston, & Mertz, 2004; Slovic & Peters, 2006). However, moods and emotions are two distinct affective states that differ in intensity (Cohen & Areni, 1991). Moods are mild, transient and pervasive feeling states that can be caused by a multitude of stimuli (Gardner, 1985). For example, a person who reads an article in the newspaper about the drop in fuel prices will start the day in a good mood as this implies money savings next time at the gas station. However, this positive mood can easily disappear and be replaced by a negative mood when the ride to work lengthens due to road traffic. In contrast, emotions are intense feelings that are associated with specific stimuli that trigger specific behavioural responses (Cohen & Areni, 1991; Hosany & Prayag, 2013). For example, a person who receives a raise at work will experience feelings of joy and happiness leading to more dedication in the work place. Similarly, a person who waits 45 minutes at a restaurant to dine will feel disappointment and frustration and may decide to choose a different restaurant. Beside their aforementioned differences, feelings

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