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Emotiv System Min
Company Background
When Tan Le and Nam Do sold their company and earned a large of money in 2003, they decided to take a new challenge about processing brain signals. Then, together with Allan Snyder, a physicist and Neil Weste, a chip designer, they founded Emotiv Systems Inc.. The company built a R&D lab to develop a workable system about brain signals process. Finally, the team had a breakthrough-successfully developed basic technology called EPOC, which can detect 30 mental states and process brain signals into software algorithms.
Now, The company wants to launch this new kind technology into market. However, there are many issues need to be decided, such as: 1. To launch as a
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The following is the comparison for seeking cooperation with different console makers. Console maker | Group of consumer | Issues | Nintendo Wii | Casual gamers | 1.Lacking in computational power.2.Planing to focus on improving existing technology rather than trying a new one. | Sony PS3 | Mix of hard-core games | Harm for cooperation:1.Sony company was highly divisive with PS3 hardware and software.2.Sony Europe was willing to cooperate with Emotiv, but it needed to dumb down EPOC just for releasing a simple version.Benefit for cooperation:1.Sony PS3 is less competitive than Wii for less complex controllers and needs a new technology.2.Sony Europe group has autonomy to decide whether to cooperate with Emotiv. | Microsoft Xbox 360 | Hard-core gamers | 1.Not include a high-definition DVD in console2.Taking a policy of “wait-and-see”.3.Wanna others to prove the concepts first |

According the comparison above, we can conclude Sony is the best choice if Emotiv manages to convince one of the console makers in time for a fall 2008 debut. And the demand of new product needs to focus on hard-core gamers. Then, the marketing strategy is the key to best facilitate rapid adoption. Product | With the platform of Sony PS3 and EPOC system | Price | Using Penetration pricing to capture market share | Place | Retail channel including Sony and Best Buy, e-tailers, company | Promotion | Bundling with PS3, Selling CDs
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